Taking the OSCP certification exam can be intimidating for anyone who is not familiar with computers and hacking. Some of the things that you might think about to get ready for this test include:

Are you prepared to take your career to the next level? This book is a complete study guide for the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification.  It includes actual labs from real OSCP certification exams and has been verified by several OSCP Certified Professionals to be an authentic reproduction.

Certification exams are always an optional part of the program, but you really should not consider an alternative certification track to ethical hacking. OSCP certification is one of the best certifications in the information security industry and it is your key to getting a job in the penetration testing profession. The Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification validates that you have the necessary skillset and competency required by high-end clients who hire ethical hackers.

Taking the OSCP Certification training course is an advanced penetration test training program that teaches how to gain ongoing access to the target network by exploiting and manipulating systems, making use of the most effective Open Source tools and techniques. The course teaches penetration testing methodologies and advanced hands-on exploitation strategies and techniques in order to use the supplied open-source vulnerability scanning and vulnerability exploitation toolkit effectively. After students complete this OSCP Certification Bootcamp, they will be able to effectively utilize their knowledge and the supplied toolkit for further network penetration testing services or on internal networks, as well as scale their offerings for special engagements.

As a professional penetration tester and the creator of numerous ethical hacking training courses, Martin has been helping people prepare for OSCP certification for years. And this is his secret weapon: a luxurious study pack with everything you need to ace the OSCP exam. Packed with hundreds of pages on advanced hacking techniques, methodologies, common pitfalls and so much more! This doesn’t just cover normal operating systems, but also more exotic flavors such as VMware and Hacking Android devices!

The OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional) certification is the highest level of certification for Offensive Security’s penetration testing training course. The OSCP certification involves a 90-day penetration test as well as a final exam. Bypassing the exam and completing an assignment, you will earn access to a pool of resources: labs, tools, and community. You will also have demonstrated your ability to think like an attacker, which is not just something that translates into a salary – it’s part of becoming a better security professional.

Learn how to pass the Certified OSCP Exam through this helpful guide. This book/eBook contains proven steps and strategies to get your security certification and advance your career in IT security and offensive security.

Certified Offensive Security Professional (OSCP) Certification The Certified Offensive Security Professional (OSCP) certification is designed to test your penetration testing skill set, knowledge, and ability to perform as a self-sustaining consultant. This certification has been designed by professionals in the information security field to meet their exacting standards and is meant to challenge candidates who desire to prove they have the necessary skill set to excel in the penetration testing community or begin a career in ethical hacking.

The Offensive Security Certified Professional certification exam is an advanced penetration test, performed as a simulated hacker attack against a computer network. This certification tests an individual’s ability to perform a penetration test and assist in the capacity of a security consultant or computer professional. It covers three major areas with forty-nine practical labs over five weeks.

The easiest way to prepare for OSCP is to go through each individual lab module by module. Every lab has a ‘Lab layout’ tab. You will learn what you need for the lab, download and install the necessary software, and practice each step on your own machine.

You will be able to access all of the labs using Kali Linux OS, just download from kali.org. This certification is one of the hardest certification exams in the world of hacking, In order to pass this exam, you should have a deep understanding of Kali Linux and general knowledge about ethical hacking.

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