If you are looking for OSCP Certification Singapore online study material or from a leading Certified Scrum Product Owner training institute in Singapore, then the Specialistcert team is one of the best-known and most reliable certified Scrum training providers in Singapore. We offer OSCP Certification without exam in Punggol

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OSCP offers the only option for Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP), available in USA and Canada and worldwide without the expense and risk of traveling to our training facilities. Do you want to be OSCP certified? After you register interest, we will contact you with more information on this ground-breaking opportunity which was finished by two groups of students who were the first to complete the challenge in Singapore on August 22nd and 23rd 2017.

OSCP means that you have achieved the standard of a Certified Scrum Product Owner as described by the Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) Community. In a Software organization, the Product Owner is responsible for maximizing the value of the result of the Scrum Team’s work. The formal process required to achieve this objective is established by the organization and may be led by the CEO or any other position or someone on behalf of the CEO.

Get your OSCP Certificate without having to take an exam Singapore. Course material is the same as what you’d get if you signed up directly with Offensive Security. You won’t be penalized on the final exam when it’s time to take it. Since I’m not a cert body, I have no control over where candidates take the final exam, so this makes sense for both of us. Updates are installed regularly so it’s easier to keep pace with current information and tools.

Obtain your OSCP Certificate in Serangoon at Specialistcert. We provide the class at their hands-on labs to let them get the exact results they are expecting, gaining knowledge of Penetration Testing, IDS/IPS, Foot Printing, Evading IDS/Firewalls, Sniffing Traffic, Tunneling and Vulnerability Analysis from real-world scenarios. As a leading and highly accredited training institute by the Government together with a team of Certified Information Security Professionals, we take pride in providing excellent services to all students.

Thank you for your concern to OSCP Certificate. OSCP certification exam is an advanced security certification. The first step to get OSCP without lab training. Please find the detail of this course in the attachment file. If you are interested in, please reply me back. I would handle all the details on this course and register you into the course immediately since we still have few seats left.

You can now get certified in OSCP just by attending our training. We have partnered with OSCP. You can take the exam anywhere, or drag and drop your answers. The price is inclusive of the course as well as the certification test and it’s guaranteed to work. Learn from anyone, anywhere all at once. We have created a secret community for this exclusive OSCP training.

OSCP is an open-source security certification that allows you to demonstrate your skills and understanding of the five domains of the Open Source Security Testing Methodology (OSSTM). Ultimately, this certification allows you to demonstrate your ability to perform security testing of Open Source platforms.

The  Information Security OSCP certification is the industry standard professional security certification for Ethical Hacking.

The course is designed to help you understand the concept and practical usage of the Open Source concepts and technologies in an effort to make you future-ready and broaden your horizons.

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