Offensive security certificate is a thing that everyone wants. But how do you get OSCP, OSCE, OSWE without exams? This guide shows you how to get Offensive security certification fast, without any exams.

Offensive Security Certificate without exams is much more than a book—it’s a hands-on learning experience designed to teach the skills you need to perform test based attacks.

Offensive Security certification is a reputable certification in the penetration testing field. This certification is considered as the best path to becoming an ethical hacker, security consultant or penetration tester. However, Offensive Security exam are highly technical and difficult to pass for a non-expert so we do not recommend you to try it alone.

Are you willing to take your skills to the next level? Offensive Security, the company behind the world-renowned Penetration Testing with Kali Linux certification is launching an extensive Offensive Security Practice exam.

Offensive Security offers a unique training bundle that will prepare you to pass the official certification exams and get your Offensive Security Certified (OSCP) in Web Application Penetration Testing, Computer Forensics, and Ethical Hacking. These certifications are used by hiring managers at top companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and many others

Offensive Security offers a variety of certifications in a wide range of security domains. These are some of the most respected certifications available in the industry, and can open doors to employment opportunities and career growth.

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